Thanks for Supporting Summer Stock Up 2022!

We are so thankful for your support of the Summer Stock Up 2022! We could not have met this goal without you. Summer Stock Up is an annual event during which Beyond the Pantry accepts cash and in-kind donations to provide our partner organizations with the items most requested by direct-service clients during the summerContinue reading “Thanks for Supporting Summer Stock Up 2022!”

Impact Update: Over $5,800 Worth of Basic Needs Supplies Distributed!

In just three months since Beyond the Pantry received its formal incorporation, we have made a massive impact in Leon County! As of today, June 28, 2021, BTP has distributed $5,826 worth of hygiene, daily essentials, and basic dignity items throughout Tallahassee. So far, 11 local organizations and several initiatives have received boxes of basicContinue reading “Impact Update: Over $5,800 Worth of Basic Needs Supplies Distributed!”

Impact Update: Our First 2 Weeks!

It’s been an amazing first two weeks since Beyond the Pantry received its formal incorporation approval on March 24, 2021. As of today, April 7, 2021, BTP has distributed over $1,800 worth of hygiene and basic dignity items. So far, 9 local organizations and initiatives received their first basic needs items box – including GFWCContinue reading “Impact Update: Our First 2 Weeks!”